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Off-Road Training


Who is off-road training for?

All drivers of SUVs or off-roaders, either as their private car or as a company car they use at work.

You will discover the limits of these vehicles, both off-road and on asphalt. While training in real-life conditions on dirt roads, in sand or on rocky or wooden surfaces is taxing for the driver and the vehicle alike, it is also very entertaining.

Starter Off-Road Training

Asphalt & Off-Road Training

4x4 Wilderness Adventure

How do you drive through a forest? What is the best way of traversing water? What if I don’t make it to the top of the hill?

All these questions are answered in our off-road training programmes. Thanks to the purpose-built obstacles and the natural forest that grows on the grounds of NAVAK Centre, you will be able to experience everything that awaits you in real wilderness and get a firm grasp of the basic principles of off-road driving.

The off-road training comprises practical exercises and theory lectures at NAVAK Centre, as well as a tour of Serbia’s mountains and finding one’s bearings in a real-life environment.


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