Formula Experience

Drawing on our long experience with training in motorsport and performance training we offer you chance to experience real single-seater on a racetrack


Who is it for?

All interested in sports driving, regardless of driving experience


Alone or in a team


Formula predator


Basic program – €170+vat per run
Dynamic program – €350+vat per run


Basic program – 15 minutes
Dynamic program – 60 minutes

Even if you have no prior racing experience, your dream of driving a formula car can still come true. And if you like it, we can provide you with all the training you need.


Training concept

The program is managed by former Yugoslav racing champion and long-time competitor in the Formula Predator international series, Vladan Slavkovic.

Formula Basic Experience
First time on the race track, first time in formula race car? An unforgettable experience awaits you! After detailed safety briefing and driving instructions, you will experience 15 minutes of formula driving with the instructor leading the way in a safety car. This will give you a full understanding of the racing lines and braking zones. Perfect warm up for the next training level – Formula Dynamic Experience

Formula Dynamic Experience
if you are in sports-driving, this program is for you! Starts with serial car driving, with personal instructor on passenger seat and finding race lines on track, continues with detailed briefing, formula driving techniques and guided laps, through race line driving and vehicle dynamics theory – training ends with trainee using track and driving until the end of time slot.


How to drive a formula car?

You will be provided with the full set of racing safety gear.

Before the drive, you will be briefed in detail about the car and the proper way to drive it on the track. To adjust the seating position in the cockpit, it is essential to choose the right seat to fit the driver’s size. Weighing just 360 kilograms, the Formula Predator race cars, which are normally used in the international championship series of the same name, are capable of clocking the same lap times as 600 BHP supercars.

Engine power:

100 KS

Top speed:

200 km/h