Racetrack Configuration

NAVAK’s racetrack features a home straight and a specifically designed succession of interrelated curves of varying diameters and cambers. This design allows the carriageways to be used in different configurations for various training programmes and motorsport competitions. Minimum track width is 10 metres and, depending on the selected configuration, total length may vary from 900 to as much as 3000 metres. As the runoff areas are of a sufficient width and the track has multiple access points, it is possible to conduct multiple driving activities simultaneously, from practice and testing to team and motorsport drives on a complete lap.

These configurations are user favourites.

Go-Cart – 960m

As track width ranges from 10 to as much as 35 metres, artificial chicanes and passages can be configured to complement the already diverse series of curves of widely varying diameters.

Club – 1.550m

The favourite configuration for presentations and entertainment, with curves of varying diameters and wide runoff areas, while the track itself measures from 10 to as much as 35 metres across.

Mini sport – 2.040m

A track configuration that demands a high degree of skill from the driver in order to take the numerous curves with varying cambers, especially well-suited for endurance training for motorcyclists.

Sport – 2.950m

A sports lap, with the track measuring 10 to 15 metres across and with wide runoff areas. The home straight, where almost all vehicles can reach their top speed before sharp braking, can be slowed down by adding a chicane to redirect vehicles.