Enjoy driving and the thrill of high speed? Looking for a safe place to wring every last bit of performance out of your car or hone your driving skills at the wheel of one of our high-performance cars?

We’re ready for you!

We proudly offer you:

One-on-one trainings

One-on-one trainings with a personal trainer, in your own car or one from our fleet

Porsche cars

Exclusive programmes with the latest Porsche cars at your disposal

Abarth 124 Spider

Performance driving behind the wheel of an Abarth 124 Spider

Formula Predator

A unique experience at the wheel of a Formula Predator car

Our experienced trainers and licensed Porsche instructors are ready when you are!

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Track & Off road experience powered by Porsche

One-on-one training with a Porsche instructor

Formula experience

Track day