NAVAK Centre Facilities

NAVAK Centre offers you indoor and outdoor spaces of various sizes and purposes, fully adaptable to customers’ every demand.

Whether you need a venue for education, work or entertainment purposes, we are here for you with our decade-long experience.


Main Hall

The main presentation hall is a multifunctional space, with a seating capacity of 250 persons. It is fitted with studio lighting, a sound system, LED screens in various sizes and configurations, TV screens, a stage, catering preparation rooms with a separate entrance, a lobby and a changing room. The space is directly accessible from the outside of the building and can accommodate multiple vehicles on display, together with guests. It is ideal for various types of events, from lectures to exhibitions, presentations and fair events to banquets and cocktail parties.

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Tent Pavilion

A landmark of the NAVAK Centre is its tent pavilion, with its instantly recognisable dome. Spreading at 250 square metres, it can seat up to 120 persons. It is incorporated in the track as its integral element, designed to be strongly reminiscent of a racetrack paddock. It is an ideal space for exhibitions, cocktail parties, informal mingling or a breather between two stints on track.

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Club Room and Simulator Room

Our club room and simulator room have a floor surface area of 70 square metres each, with a seating capacity of 50 persons. They are also accessible directly from outside of the building and can accommodate one or two vehicles on display. They are fitted with TV screens, projectors, flipcharts and other equipment. They are designed to host presentations and lectures, as well as working meetings and workshops of all kinds.

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NAVAK Centre also includes two classrooms, with a seating capacity of 40 persons each, fitted with projectors, TV screens and specific teaching aids. With plentiful natural light, they are ideal for lectures, meetings and workshops of all kinds.

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TV Studio

NAVAK Centre boasts a TV studio with a floor surface area of 100 square metres, fitted with studio lighting, scenography and an LED screen. If needed, it can be repurposed as a presentation room with a seating capacity of 50 persons.

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NAVAK Centre has two indoor garages with a combined capacity of 25 vehicles and multiple outdoor parking areas, with a total capacity of 300 vehicles. For your convenience, we also offer you our main and auxiliary car wash, our petrol station with two fuel dispensers and a quick charger for electric vehicles.

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